Series of landmarks
Railways in Bosnia And Herzegovina
Railways in Bosnia And Herzegovina are going to be renovated, great works are underway and now only one line is working with many problems connected to the different managements between different political entities
Christmas in Sarajevo under the smog
This is an unusual condition for winter and, after 22 days of stagnant air, the pollution is out of control.  Every value is above of alarm limit. Lukavac, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica are now the most polluted cities in Europe.
21st Sarajevo Film Festival
International film festival in Sarajevo
14th-22nd august 2015 - best movie: MUSTANG
Sarajevo - a city who want to reborn
Sarajevo today is a city in completely transformation. Culture, art and technology are growing at rates more than the European average. Fundings from foreigners countries and investors are arriving. Many problems remain to be solved but...
Drago e Draghetta
Tarek Drago and his Draghetta. Two artists who perform during the day and the night. With the sun enchant children with their tricks and balloons. Will transform at night becoming fakirs who play with fire.
Views and landscape from Morocco. A land where the environment changes in a few km.
California Parks
Natural parks of california: Lassen, Yosemite, Mono Lake, Lake Tahoe
Green Hill
Green Hill also known as "Lager" is a factory of puppies. Now one of the few left in Western Europe. An American multinational company that creates pups exclusively for scientific research. This means testing, vivisection and other atrocities.
Family Day Sikh Baisakhi
One of the big gatherings of Sikh religion in Europe is made each Year in Brescia. Totally ignored from the locally istitutions more of 10.000 happy people walking across the city in the outlying roads. Brescia is the classic industrial and "cosmpolitan" town in the north of Italy.
Natural Frame
Macro visions of corn leaves
Alpini in Turin 2011
Annually, the military force of Aplini you meet in a town in early May. In 2011, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy the assemblage was made in Turin to celebrate together the military and the union of the Italian state.
visions of vegetation iced
In testa
Often the exchange of points of view can alter our view of life. Just 40 cm can make you see a completely different world, almost a caricature of himself, but a world that exists.
The close up photography is a way to relax, think, and isolate themselves from the world losing the concept of time
Ink Art
Frames taken from the city of New York printed on cotton paper with transfer technique